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Dancing with a partner to a selection of ballroom inspired dances, following strict tempos combined with dipping and lifting moves, work the upper body, whilst improving strength and tone in the legs and butt. 

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Ballroom Dance classes for fun and fitness 

Looking for a way to get fit, have fun and improve your coordination, balance and sense of rhythm all at the same time? Come in and try a Ballroom Dancing class at a Fitness First near you! You’ll learn both basic and more advanced ballroom dance steps, so whether you’ve never danced before, or are a more experienced dancer, the class is perfectly catered to you. It’s a wonderful way to be active and social at the same time, and perhaps even make a few new friends as well. You don’t need to come with a partner or bring ballroom dance shoes - just bring yourself, gym shoes, a towel and a bottle of water! 

Check the Class Timetable to see our class times for Ballroom Dancing at Fitness First gyms in Indonesia. We’ve also got a range of other dance fitness classes including BODYJAM®, Zumba®, and SH’BAM®, so come on in and get moving to the music today. 

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