BODYSTEP™ at Fitness First Indonesia

BODYSTEP™ was developed to take an everyday action, like walking up stairs, and morph it into a high-intensity full body cardio program using an adjustable raised platform to step and down from and travel around, focusing on burning calories and toning up.

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What is BODYSTEP™?

BODYSTEP™ takes stepping to a whole new level, with a huge variety of movements and intensities to keep the heart rate up, burn calories and condition the entire body, toning lower body muscles in particular. BODYSTEP™ Athletic pushes you to your limits by combining the stepping movements with burpees, push-ups, and weight-plated exercises to add a great mix of strength and conditioning to the class. BODYSTEP™ Classic focuses more on the rhythmic side of stepping, where you’ll perform a variety of travelling patterns on, around and over the step to pumping music, keeping you moving and energised for the whole class.

BODYSTEP™ is just one of the amazing classes offered at your local Fitness First Indonesia club. You can view the available BODYSTEP™ times, or explore the range of other classes in the class timetable.

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 You can find BODYSTEP™ classes at all our Cibrbur Junction, Grand Indonesia, Kemang Village, Oakwood, Pacific Place, Plaza Semanggi, Senayan City, and Taman Anggrek.