Dear Members,


As you may be aware we have been through the following extensive procedures in order to have our clubs re-opened:

1. Our club re-opening protocols were inspected and approved by the COVID-19 Task Force, we are also pleased that these procedures were then issued as the official government guidelines for the Jakarta gym industry. 
2. Our business falls under the Ministry of Tourism department who have also supported and recommended that our gyms be allowed to re-open.
3. Finally, the government issued formal approval to re-open all Jakarta gyms that follow the industry protocols, by letter dated 14 August, received by us on 19th August.

We are totally committed to supporting you in building a healthier lifestyle and providing you the safest training environment. We are also very proud to be part of a fitness industry globally that is doing so much to educate on the benefits of exercise and strengthening immune systems that keep us healthy and active for longer. A recent study in Australia monitored 6.26 mil gym visits without a single case of community transmission of COVID-19.

However, our clubs are recommended to temporarily close due to a revision made to the formal approval previously received. We understand that the Government have concerns over re-opening of Cinemas which fall into a similar business category as Gyms, therefore we must comply with this local recommendation to close until a further approval is communicated. 

In no way is this decision based on the Fitness First clubs protocols and safety measures, but we will be closing all of our clubs until further notice. We are truly sorry for this inconvenience and disruption to your workout plans. 

Rest assured we will be back as soon as the authorities permit, and in the meantime if you are not able to visit one of our other clubs to continue training we will offer you free freezing of membership until we can re-open and your PT package will continue to be extended. 

Feel free to contact us at callcenter.admin@evolutionwellness.co.id, or call our member hotline 021- 39509988 from 9 AM to 6 PM.

Thank you and we are looking forward to welcoming you back soon.

Fitness First Team