Eating Well


With the covid-19 alarming situation, staying well and healthy is our priority. Studies proved that protein has significant benefit to strengthen our immune system

03 Aug 2021

Protein needs no introduction. This micronutrient is highly important to your body repairs broken cells and makes new ones. In the fitness world, protein is always discussed for its benefit to muscle recovery, bodybuilding, and increase sports performance. Arguably, consuming an adequate portion of protein will lead to better performance in daily physical functions.


But here is one thing for you to consider putting protein on your plate doubtlessly. It is the fact that protein is actually more than what we imagine! Studies proved that this micronutrient can significantly strengthen our immune system and increase our susceptibility to infectious viruses and diseases.


With the covid-19 alarming situation, staying well and healthy is our priority. There are plenty of reasons to consume protein and its way to strengthen our immune system.


Protein bolsters your antibodies

In order to fight infection, virus, and disease, our body needs proteins to form immunoglobulins or antibodies. When these intruders enter a cell in your body, your body produces antibodies and fights them to elimination. Interestingly, once your body has produced these antibodies against a particular bacteria or virus, your cells never forget how to make them. This will result in better antibodies response the next time a particular disease agent invades your body.


The immune system is actually made of protein!

While it is well known that protein is important to our diet, you may be surprised that the immune system is actually made of protein! The immune system is formed between cells and proteins that work collaboratively to supply antibodies against viruses and infectious diseases. Antibodies are part of a large family of chemicals called immunoglobulins, which play many roles in the immune response.


Protein helps you to lose weight that will result in a better immune system

Here is another important reason to lose weight, especially during this covid-19 situation: A study in Australia revealed that shedding your body fat will result in a better immune system. The researchers have found that excess body fat, specifically visceral fat, triggers chronic artery disease and heart problems. Therefore, it is important to consider putting protein into your diet. High protein intake is useful to make you less hungry and increase fat burning if you combine it with progressive and effective workout routines.