Easy Tips to Maintain Your Weight in Hari Raya
Moving Well


It is easy to get carried away with the festivities and ignore the diet plan and fitness goals

28 Apr 2022

After a month of dawn-to-dusk fasting during Ramadan, we are finally coming to celebrate Hari Raya. As the reward, you may welcome it by reuniting with your family and consuming various traditional Raya dishes like lontong or rendang, from sugary cookies to traditional drinks. Who can say no to all these mouth-watering dishes?


Although, many people admitted that they feel guilty after consuming those goodies ravenously, as they starting to gain weigh after the festivity. Well, researchers have found that holiday periods are the most common times where people tend to put on weight (hope that this can make you a little less guilty.)


Of course, we don’t want you to go on a bad trip during this festive season. It is easy to get carried away with the festivities and ignore the diet plan and fitness goals. You might wonder how to control your fitness and most importantly your body weight while still celebrating Hari Raya marvellously. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here are some easy tips for you!


Control your portion bites

We know it’s tempting to consume all the foods served on the table. But in order to manage overindulgence, limit yourself to a few bites by using smaller plates especially if you consume fatty meats and large carbohydrates foods This will create the illusion that the portions taken are small but still enough to satisfy your appetite.


Drink more water

So often your brain tricks you to mistake thirst for hunger. Instead of filling your tummy directly with those sweet cookies, try to consume enough water first. An increased water intake will help your brain concentrate and make you feel fuller for longer to prevent overeating. But remember to avoid drinking beverages high in sugar that are commonly served in Hari Raya as they silently hiding high number of calories.


Spend some time to exercise

Although it is nice to spend time Hari Raya relaxing with family and relatives, exercise is something you should not forget. Even though you may not gain weight directly after the celebration, your weight can potentially increase in few days, especially if you don’t burn those calories. You can visit your favourite fitness club for an hour or two, or simply going for a walk to your favourite park with your family.

This table shows how long should you exercise according to what you consume in this Hari Raya:



Energy (kcal)

Exercise duration (jogging)

Ketupat palas (1 piece)

130 kcal

10 – 20 minutes

Lontong with sayur lodeh

(1 chinese bowl)

260 kcal

25 - 35 minutes

Pineapple tart (1 piece)

50 kcal

5 – 7 minutes

Carbonated drinks (1 glass)

130 kcal

10 – 20 minutes


Eat healthy foods

Who says you can eat healthy foods in this festive season? Eating nutritious foods such as tempeh, tofu, vegetables and fruits could build up a healthy body. On the other hand, choose your meats carefully so that your weight plan is not affected. This is used to control your weight consistently.


Enjoy Yourself!

Remember that Hari Raya comes once on every year, so enjoy the festivity while it lasts. Make your gathering meaningful by focusing on the conversation. Eat and chew slowly, while chatting with your friends and relatives. Stop when you are almost full, and divert your attention to the conversation with your friends again.