10 Minutes of Exercise Can Save Souls and Make Life Longer
Thriving Well


The results of a recent study found an amazing fact if we exercise more regularly

08 Feb 2022

Exercising is a good habit to maintain health and body power. Not only that, but there have also been many studies that have proven that physical activity can provide a feeling of calm and relieve stress. But unfortunately, life in a busy city makes it difficult for many people to find time to exercise.


In fact, even if it is done in a short time, exercise can provide tremendous benefits for both physically and mentally. Recent research has shown that moderate to high intensity exercise for 10 minutes on a regular basis can prevent more than 110,000 deaths in the United States.


This fact was obtained after the researchers analyzed data from the United States National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey in the 2003-2006 period. Researchers also matched these data by looking at the level of physical activity in 5,000 respondents aged 40 to 85 years and mortality data until the end of 2015. The results showed that those who were more active in exercising experienced improved nutrition and lived longer than those who rarely engaged in physical activity.


Exercising and managing stress

In general, engaging in sports is one of the finest methods to unwind and reduce stress. The brain releases a number of chemicals that are good for the body while you exercise. Endorphins, often known as sedative hormones, are one of these hormones. This hormone can help you feel more at ease and temporarily block off your troubles.


Then, what kind of exercise can be done for 10 minutes?

Many variations of movement that you can do in just 10 minutes. Here are some recommendations for you:


Jump rope

Jumping rope, despite it seems simple, may actually burn about 100 calories in ten minutes. Jump rope exercises can help build stronger legs, improve agility, and boost bone density. This exercise is also practical and can be done anywhere.


Core Exercise

This exercise is intended for those of you who want to realize the dream of an ideal body shape and maximum muscle strength. The body parts that will work during this exercise are the abs, obliques, glutes, and pelvic muscles. Core exercises are useful for maximizing torso function and improving posture.


Mountain Climber

Mountain climber is a very efficient movement to burn fat and train the core and abdominal body. Doing this exercise for 10 minutes can cut 50 to 150 calories, depending on the intensity of your workout.


Jumping Jack

The jumping jack exercise is relatively easy to do but quite effective for burning calories. It is almost identical to jumping rope. One hundred calories can be burned by performing jumping jacks nonstop for ten minutes.



Yoga has been shown to be an excellent way to improve blood flow and respiration. Ten minutes of yoga practice is all it takes to loosen up stiff muscles, enhance flexibility, and correct posture.