Moving Well


Strength training has many benefits such as cutting calories, improving mood, and making you more confident!

07 Jun 2022

Not only increasing muscle mass, strength training has many other benefits such as cutting calories, improving mood, and making you more confident!

Strength training or commonly known as muscle resistance training is one of the most popular exercise regimens among fitness goers. There are many benefits that can be done from this type of exercise, ranging from increasing muscle mass, increasing fitness, to getting the posture you want.


What is included in the Strength Training?

Strength training is a type of exercise that requires you to use all the muscles in your body. Some exercises such as push-ups, sit-ups, planks, chest presses or pull-ups are included in the type of strength training which if done regularly will have a positive impact on your body and your fitness goals.

What are the benefits of strength training?

Muscle strength training is much loved by fitness goers because it provides extraordinary benefits for the body. What are the benefits of strength training? Here's the summary for you.

1. Streamlining blood circulation

Studies conducted by Harvard University prove that strength training can help improve blood circulation if done regularly. Practice strength training exercises three to four times a week to improve blood circulation, lower blood pressure and maintain a healthy heart.

2. Makes you stronger

As the name implies, strength training can increase muscle mass and makes you stronger. Muscles is needed to perform daily activities such as walking, lifting things, or exercising. Increasing muscles in your body can actually help you develop your immune system. 

3. Improve posture

Push-ups, sit-ups, and pull-ups are examples of strength training moves that can help you improve your posture. In addition to increasing muscle mass, strength training can also help you achieve the posture and body shape you want (if done regularly).


4. Burn calories

Both cardio and strength training are effective for burning calories. However, if you want to get more results for your fitness, increasing muscle mass for instance, strength training can be the best alternative. Weight training for 60 minutes a day can burn 300-500 calories depending on the type and intensity of exercise.

5. Relieve stress

Many people do strength training exercises in order to reduce stress and anxiety. Studies show that regular exercise, including strength training, can increase endorphins, which are useful for improving mood. In addition, a proportional body shape resulted from strength training can also make you more confident.

6. Improve sleep quality

Strength training is also scientifically proven to improve a person's sleep quality. According to psychologists from the Cleveland Clinic, strength training using dumbbells can make the body more relaxed, thus speeding up the sleep process. In addition, sleeping after exercise is also beneficial for repairing cells damaged during exercise.