Eating Well


New year fitness resolutions are no surprise to us. However, many of us tend to deviate from our goals by the time February hits as they fail to blend in with our daily activities like food consumption. Here are 5 new year diet plans that you can try in 2020 to achieve your fitness goals and optimum nutritional intake.

10 Jan 2020

Toss Out Packaged Products  

Getting rid of packaged items in your kitchen is the first thing you should do, especially those that contain hidden sweeteners, preservatives, flavouring and colouring. Some of such products include crackers, canned soups, cookies, instant grain mixes, and of course, microwave meals.

Instead of these unhealthy options, replace them with homemade products like nut butters or fruit jams that are made using hand-picked ingredients or fresh produce. This slowly tunes your mind to embrace healthy eating habits without the need of unwanted preservatives. Rather than opting for the calorie-laden salad dressing, try making your own vinaigrette. Beets, carrots and radishes bought from your grocer can be instantly transformed into pickled that act as an appetiser, so it saves you preparation time during the week.


Top 5 Nutritional Resolutions for the New Year

Try Colour- Based Eating 

If you are thinking of consuming food with good nutrition, try pairing different foods in each meal. One of the easiest ways to do so is to combine 4-5 foods of different colours in your plate. The unique part of this is that each food offers you its own texture and flavour.

For instance, mix purple cabbage, pumpkin (orange), fresh coriander (green) and black sesame seed together to create a scrumptious salad that is loaded in colour and nutrition. Besides this, you could also be creative and add colourful fresh goods to make a healthy smoothie.

Top 5 Nutritional Resolutions for the New Year

Never Neglect Fatty Foods

For your next new year diet plan, plan meals that include foods high in Omega-3 fatty acids. Contrary to common belief, fat is an important aspect of your diet, just like carbohydrates and protein, as it helps in furnishing your body with energy. If that’s not all, fat is also crucial in performing certain bodily functions. For instance, certain vitamins need the presence of fat to dissolve into your bloodstream and offer nutrients.

Omega-3 fatty acids are also loaded with nutrients that will help lower your blood pressure, cholesterol and reduce the risk of heart disease. Some examples of food rich in fatty acids are salmon, avocados, flaxseeds and nut butters.

Top 5 Nutritional Resolutions for the New Year

Pick Healthier Options as Snack

When it comes to your new year diet plan, never disregard healthy snacking. Instead of unhealthy snacks like potato chips, crackers and doughnuts, try swapping them with healthy ones which can keep your blood sugar stable and energy levels up, specifically during the mid-day. Additionally, consuming healthy snacks also help in weight loss.

It’s important to eat snacks that are made-up of mainly protein and fibre as they keep you full longer. Some examples of healthy snacks are pumpkin seeds, nut butters, roasted chickpeas, fresh fruits or canned tuna in water.

Include Protein in Your Morning Meal

Consuming protein first thing in the morning helps you kick-start the day feeling full and energised. Studies reveal that eating protein throughout the day will help you maintain a healthy weight. Protein is also essential in building cells in our bodies.

For breakfast, the right amount of protein consumption should be around 25% of your daily protein requirement. Some examples of protein-rich foods perfect for breakfast are eggs, cheese and Greek yogurt. Chopped chicken incorporated into eggs, or almonds added into cereal can also give you a good amount of protein for the morning.

Staying healthy does not solely rely on achieving a healthy weight goal. It also involves other crucial elements, like better energy levels and improved mental focus. By including the diet plans mentioned above, you will get to live a healthier life this new year while ensuring that you still remain on the same path throughout the year.