Bone Mass ・Fat Mass ・Muscle Mass ・Weight ・Body Water・Visceral Fat ・Metabolic Age ・Metabolic Rate

These are  just some of the data points that are essential to understand more about your body - where your strengths and weaknesses lie, what you can do to improve your health, fitness and general well-being. With the app, you are now able to track each result to see how your fitness progresses with time. Move towards your fitness goals with ease - track, assess and progress with boditrax!


how it works




Fitness First Boditrax  is a Fitness First app designed to give you data points about your body, so you can accurately track your fitness progress. 

Most people have general goals of fitness like losing weight, gaining muscle or having a sense of fitness. But, how do you know if you have been achieving this? 

Step on the scale and get your body composition read. Boditrax will get you 15 results in 30 seconds. 

Download the Fitness First Boditrax app for free now!


Frequently Asked Questions

  • General

    What is boditrax?

     At Fitness First, we are committed to giving members the confidence to go further in life through fitness by changing the way people think about fitness. With that in mind, we are introducing boditrax, an intelligent body composition analysis tool that offers a comprehensive breakdown of body composition measurements. boditrax is now available in selected clubs in Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore and all over Thailand and Indonesia.

    More about boditrax:

    • Precision technology – 15 body composition measures in 30 seconds
    • Intuitive and informative – complex data can be easily understood thanks to simple graphics along with self-explanatory definitions and healthy ranges
    • Engaging – 24/7 access to your statistics through an app and website
    • Confidential – securely cloud hosted by Rackspace and accessible anytime on any device


    How long does it take?

     The scan takes 30 seconds and produces over 15 results such as body fat percentage and muscle mass.


    Are the results valid and reliable?

    The results have been clinically validated against DEXA (Dual Energy X-ray Absorptiometry) and hydrostatic weighing.


    Can I keep my results?

     You will be able to view your results on the kiosk and you can register with your email and password and store them securely in the cloud.


    What’s the benefit of boditrax?

    You can set goals, track your fitness progress and view your results on your boditrax for Fitness First app or website.


    Who is boditrax for?

    boditrax is for anyone who is interested in getting a detailed understanding of their body and who wishes to track their progress and achieve their goals.


    How do I set up my boditrax account?

    For first-time users:

    • Create your account by filling in the information required in the boditrax interface
    • Stand on the scale, pick up the hand sensors
    • Get your results in less than 30 seconds

    To track your progress:

    • Log into your account
    • Stand on the scales and pick up the hand sensors as directed on the screen


    What’s the technology used behind boditrax?

    boditrax uses an undetectable electric current – Bioelectric Impedance Analysis (BIA) to make an indirect measurement of your body composition. A safe electrical signal (50Khz, 800µA) is sent through the body via the patented pressure-contact footpads on a scale platform. The only direct measurements that boditrax BIA makes are weight and impedance, all other values such as % body fat, Fat Free Mass, etc, are calculated.


    I get different readings from other scales, is boditrax out of calibration?

    The weight readings are accurate within +/- their graduation. The Body Fat % readings are within 5% of DEXA (Dual Energy X-ray Absorptiometry), which is a gold standard for measuring Body Fat.


    Do I have to pay to use boditrax?

    It’s completely free to use, and you can also get a free review of your results with a personal trainer. Then you can use those results to set some new fitness goals and track your progress.


    Is boditrax safe to use if I am pregnant?

    boditrax is perfectly safe for mother and baby. Due to the changes (hormone levels, changes in water content) in the mother’s body, the Body Fat readings should not be interpreted as completely accurate.


    Should I use boditrax if I have a heart pacemaker or any other medical implant fitted?

    boditrax uses BIA (Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis), which involves sending a very low electrical signal through the body. There is a minute risk that this signal could cause a pacemaker or other implanted medical device to malfunction.


    Who has carried out the research used by boditrax?

    All research used by boditrax are prepared by medical experts who are at the cutting-edge of their field to test and validate the equipment and equations used by boditrax. boditrax utilises information from the Tanita Medical Advisory Board (TMAB). TMAB consists of the senior researchers and obesity specialists from around the world.


    boditrax weighs me but won’t give me my fat readings

    To obtain a Body Fat % reading, the electrical signal must pass through the body. If you are wearing socks or tights (even very thin tights) the signal will receive excessive resistance and may not give out a reading. Also, severe calluses or hard skin on the soles of the feet can affect the reading. The body fat monitor cannot detect body fat of less than 3%.


    Are there optimal conditions for determining body fat percentage using boditrax?

    Yes, there are. Select a consistent time of day, and stick to it. With an empty bladder. When normally hydrated (generally between 5-7pm before evening meal). Unclean footpads may interfere with conductivity. Things that can affect hydration include: Strenuous exercise. Recent food intake. Diuretics such as caffeine, alcohol, certain medications. Early morning is not recommended because the body is often dehydrated after a night's sleep. Once you have established your baseline, Boditrax recommends monitoring body fat about twice a month. Checking body fat more frequently is not beneficial as changes occur slowly over time.