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Aerial Flow is the new signature program from Fitness First. It is ayoga experience that uses a unique property called the Gravotonics Yoga Swing. Like any other yoga experience, it has number of benefits, such as increased strength and flexibility, detoxifying effect on internal system, therapy for special health issues, improved concentration, and so on.

What is unique about this yoga system is having the support of swing will help you learn more about a yoga pose and get into more intricate details. Learning to align your yoga poses better using the swing can literally change the way you do your yoga. Furthermore, you could hang upside down effortlessly, allowing you to enjoy the inversion therapy.

Aside of the numerous benefits, Aerial Flow is a fun and very creative way to approach a yoga experience. Our instructors went through intensive 8-days training for proper knowledge and safe framework to give you freedom to explore your yoga through the swing. They will give you a well-balanced practice, harmonizing you energetically as well as physically. At the end of the class, you will feel calm, relax and centered.

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