Shake up your weekly spin class
with Pro Cycling Individual Sprint

Love traditional spin classes, but looking for something alittle different? Pro Cycling Individual Sprint is the perfect class for you. Pro Cycling classes are perfect for strengthening both the legs and the cardiovascular system.

Pro Cycling Individual Sprint

Combines fast-pace and increasing speed levels throughout; class focuses around speed interval training techniques. Bring out your competitive streak; riders race as individuals and use explosive bursts of speed to sprint towards the finish line. Improve your endurance, power and cardio fitness.

At Fitness First Indonesia, we offer two more variations of our Pro Cycling classes:

Pro Cycling Keirin

Inspired by the track cycling event the Keirin, this class utilises long bursts of interval style training, followed by short recovery periods, and finishes with a four lap Keirin high.

Pro Cycling Team Sprint

A power and strength training session involving the whole group; high resistance pedaling for sets of 15 second sprints; a group race where power, speed and endurance combine for a big finish. Training at high intensity with short recovery periods increases your fitness levels.

PRO 45

Become a stronger, more efficient rider. Sharpen up riding technique and work through a series of specific preparation drills to get you ready for the final race. Develop strength, speed, power and endurance, and improve overall athletic performance with an enhanced flexibility regime at the end to optimize recovery. Elements of track racing and road cycling make this class an authentic and holistic riding experience. 

Looking for more cycle-based fitness classes?

Fitness First offers a range of spin-style classes at our gyms in Indonesia, including RPM™ and RPM™ CHALLENGE

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