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Fitness goes beyond sweating it out in the gym. It’s about building the confidence, energy and self-belief to go further in life. Discover the many breakthroughs that happen #ThatMoment you put fitness first.

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why fitness first?

As fitness leaders, we can give you access to accredited fitness professionals, market leading innovations, and all the inspiration you need to keep every workout fresh and exciting.

With Personal Training, you’ll be supported by our team of qualified Certified Fitness Coaches who will draw up a training plan customized to get you results.
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Get maximum results in minimum time with our Signature programmes. It’s more than an exercise, it’s fitness that suits your style and fits your life.
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#ThatMoment Photo Contest

Terms & Conditions

1. The Photo Contest is open to all members of Fitness First Indonesia

2. Follow us on Instagram @fitnessfirst_id

3. Post to your IG account a photo/video that captures a moment that was made possible because you trained at Fitness First. Share in the caption the support/motivation you received from Fitness First. Don’t forget to tag @fitnessfirst_id and put hashtag #ThatMomentYouPutFitnessFirst and #FitnessFirst[your home club] (e.g. #FitnessFirstPlazaSemanggi)

4. Photos and their captions should not contain objectionable content such as pornography, racist/sexist/ethnic/religious slurs, etc.

5. #ThatMoment Photo Contest runs from Sep 25  - Nov 30, 2018.

6. You can submit more than one entry, however we will only select one qualifying photo/video.

7. The winner will be selected by Fitness First Team based on the content quality and creativity / originality.

8. The winners will be announced on the @fitnessfirst_id page

9. The winner decision is final and cannot be appealed.


That Moment Photo Contest

Winner Prize

> Biweekly winner @IDR 300.000,- shopping voucher
> Grand prize 1 Year Membership for 1 lucky member

Other Information

1. Fitness First reserves the right to change / modify the terms and conditions of this competition, with such changes announced via official Fitness First Indonesia social media channels.

2. This photo contest is free of entry to all contestants. Tax and duty on any prizes will be borne by the organizers. Please be wary of any scam offers alleging to be from Fitness First Indonesia.

3. Prizes are not transferable nor exchangeable for cash

4. If a winner does not meet the qualifying criteria set out above, Fitness First Indonesia reserves the right to disqualify the entry

5. By entering the competition, you agree to hold Fitness First Indonesia and all affiliated parties harmless from all claims brought by yourself or any other party.