Inspiring Stories from 90 Days Transformation Challenge Winners


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Fitness First Unveils 90 days transformation challenge Winners

The 90 Days Transformation Challenge Awarding Night, which took place on Friday, July 21, 2022 at Avenue of the Stars Mall Kemang Village in South Jakarta, was successfully hosted by Fitness First Indonesia. Fitness First Indonesia awarded 12 winners—6 Fitness First members and 6 Fitness Coaches—prize money totalling IDR 75 million during the event that evening, in addition to other exclusive prizes from sponsors including HisERHA and TechnoGym.

Curious to know who the winners are and their inspiring stories? Let's get closer!


Afi Integritya (30, Entrepreneur)

Afi wanted to improve her wellbeing at Fitness First becauseof her unhealthily shaped body. Due to a history of injuries, Afi was requiredto work out with a Fitness Coach Arman. After undergone 3-month training period and changing her lifestyle, Afi successfully reduced up to 10 kilograms. Now shefeels healthier, fitter and more confident.

Deasi Anggraini (41, Housewife)

Deasi, a mother of three teenagers, wants to set a positiveexample for her children. She works out with Fitness Coach Andhika Putra at Fitness Firstfor this reason. She believed that the Fitness Coach exercise plan hadaccelerated progress toward his fitness goals. Today, Deasi feels stronger,healthier, and more inspired to live a healthy lifestyle.

Carissa Swarens (17, Student)

Before working out at Fitness First, Carissa admitted that she had no self-confidence and got tired easily during her daily activities. Finally she made the choice to join Fitness First and train with Fitness Coach Firas Jaudah. Thanks to the trainer's instructions and exercise program, Carissa feels that her workouts with the Fitness Coach are safer and more concentrated. In addition, she was successful in shedding up to 15 kg in just three months.

Marshall (28, Graphic Designer)

Marshall, a member of Fitness First, also experienced a similar story. Marshall was hesitant to look at his image in the mirror because of his unattractive body shape. Until finally he joined Fitness First and worked out with Fitness Coach Mulyadi. Marshall said that his personal coach not only helped him develop a successful training plan, but also offered him psychological support, which made him even more enthusiastic about participating in this competition. Marshall was able to shed up to 3.8 kg of weight and build muscle in just three months with the help of Fitness Coach.

Alex Franciscus (47, Private Employee)

During the pandemic, Alex experienced a significant increasein weight. Alex decided to join Fitness First and worked out with Fitness Coach Edward. Assisted by his coach, Alex learned how to use gym equipment properly andsafely. Thanks to his determination and enthusiasm for training, Alex managedto lose up to 12.2 kilograms in 3 months.

Muhammad Syah Abdaly (36, Doctor)

Daly decided to train with Fitness Coach Ardy Wiyogo when he felt that his muscle mass components were decreasing. He also felt challenged to take part in the 90 Days Transformation because he wanted to be a role model for his patients. Daly admits that his training feels more efficient with a program designed professionally by Fitness Coach Ardy. Thanks to the good collaboration between Daly and Fitness Coach, Daly succeeded in increasing muscle mass by 6 kilograms and reducing body fat mass by 3 kilograms within 3 months.

The 90 Days Transformation Challenge, formerly known as MakeFit Happen, is Fitness First's program that aims to inspire members to achieve their fitness goals and improve their quality of life in just 14 weeks. Want to realize your healthy body like them? Start the transformation today by filling out the form above.