Important Announcement - Class Schedule, Class Capacity Limit, And Exercise Format Adjustment.

Dear Members,

Regarding current situation surrounding Covid-19 outbreak in Indonesia, we will adjust class schedule, class capacity limit, and exercise format. Your safety and health is our utmost priority, please note that we conduct this adjustment for your comfort and well-being during your exercise at the gym. 


Kindly note below on the adjustments we will conduct, starting immediately until the situation is back to normal. 

  • Please check the updated timetable on our website whenever you want to attend classes.
  • Class registration is now mandatory, this is to limit members attending the class to provide members safe space in the class. Class registration opens 70 minutes prior to the class.
  • For members hygiene and comfort, we suggest you to bring your own mats and boxing gloves.
  • Keep your hands clean before and after the class. Make sure to wash your hands and sanitize them before and after the class.

Please also note that we also adjust class capacity limit and exercise format, kindly check pointers below:


1.Class Schedule Reduction:

a. No back-to-back Cycling Class.

b. No 08:20 PM class.

c. No Floating Yoga Class.


2. Class Capacity Limit

a. Non-equipment based program until maximum capacity, each member needs 2 meter space in between from other members.

b. Yoga Class Max Cap.

c. Cycling class: bike allocation is staggered (zigzag).

d. Each member needs to reserve a spot in Customer Service before all classes.


3. Class format/exercise adjustment

a. Equipment based program only 2 times a day: 1 morning 1 evening.

b. HIIT classes, no sharing equipment, special format.

c. GST (TRX) class only run every other day ex: mon–wed–fri or tue-thurs-sat.

d. Aerial Yoga only for members who has purchased hammock and need to bring their own.

e. Dance classes no flooring.

f. No partner workout.


4. We encourage instructors and members:

a. To bring their own mattress.

b. No mic sharing (instructors).

c. No high-5.

d. No tactile.

e. No mask (mask only for those who are ill, no enter to the club).

f. Bring your own boxing gloves.

g. No close contact group pic.

h. Wash hands before and after class.

i. Instructors include an advice in the class introduction: remind the members, if they feel unwell, or cough or sneeze before or during the class, they are advised to leave the club and seek for professional medical advice.

Thank you for your kind attention, support, and cooperation. Let's #StaySafeTogether to #StayStrongTogether. Always check our timetable before you go to the gym, here