Fitness First Office Visit to Narasi.TV

Boost Your Work Performance with Fitness First
Fitness First Office Visit to Narasi.TV


If you are easily tired in your workplace, you are not alone. 

Millions of people often have afternoon slump. Frequent yawning, extreme fatigue, blurred vision, moodiness, headache, and even falling asleep at your desk are common sights in the office. While it may be due to various reasons like getting not enough sleep, enduring high level of stress, having poor metabolism or even consuming excessive carbohydrates, the results are the same - our energy drops and so does our performance.

We in Fitness First Indonesia recognizes this problem and believe that exercise eliminates tiredness and promotes high-performance workplace. Dedicated to our mission, we continuously want to help others to achieve healthy lifestyle. Among the many, one of our activities is by visiting offices to promote and educate the public the importance of exercise and eating right. 


This time, we visited the office of an online media,, with our Personal Trainer to give healthy talk and tips for simple light stretching that can be done in the midst our packed office deadline. We also give a health check and body analysis test to each individual to help them understand their body better. To recap everything, we have fun games and close the session with healthy lunch. 
We hope that our friends working in enjoy the experience with Fitness First and start implementing healthy lifestyle to their routine. No matter how busy our schedule is, we should always invest some time to exercise and get some moving done.
Are you fit for work? If you want Fitness First to visit your office to boost and inspire healthy lifestyle, please feel free to contact us through our Instagram @fitnessfirst_id and we will send you our fitness expert to fit up your day!