Fitness First Indonesia continues to bring new ideas in inspiring the nation to get healthy. On Sunday, 6 October 2019, as the country’s leading fitness brand, we held a mass-workout marathon event called Fit & Fun Sunday Morning aimed at giving Jakartans a new way to refresh after a busy week. 

Stationed at hangout hotspot Plaza Semanggi Mall, the event welcomed both members and non-members to enjoy Fitness First’s group workout experience on an outdoor area. 

“Sunday is a fun day and we want to help everyone unwind and get refreshed in a new way through group workout.  Group event like this gives everyone the opportunity to meet new people, share experiences, and get fit. Be it swinging your arms to a dance song, or hitting up the streets with running buddies, morning workout just feels better if done together.” Head of Marketing of Fitness First Indonesia Feni Soemitra shared.

The first program of the day, Running Club, took off at 6am. With the sun barely arose, lines of energized runners, some young adults and some spry, tightened up their shoelaces and began making way to the finely-polished boulevard of Sudirman Road. They are led by groups of Running Buddies, Fitness First’s very own running experts whose main goal is to help improve everyone’s running ability.


After making the Sudirman Roadroundabout, the runners sped back to Semanggi Mall and stepped on the gas toget ready for two high-intensity workout programs,Body CombatandZumba. Bothprograms, already popular among Jakarta’s health-conscious citizens, offerfully-integrated cardio routines that are a little different in style but equalin satisfaction.

While the former wouldshowcase a combo of mixed-martial-arts disciplines that demands a more seriousapproach, the latter dance exercise inspires a more cheerful mood, mixing thebest parts of South America’s party dance genres with high-tempo music beats.

It is not only about the funtoo. Fitness First’s event like today allows many participants to get anunbeatable taste of good fitness. From having a better muscle coordination,core strength and agility, to feeling more focused and confident, participantsare receiving tons of health benefits that come from being fit. 


Apart from group workout,Fitness First also held a quick-fireFitnessChallenge, pitting enthusiastic contestants in fitness-performance duel.The challenge measures contestants’ fitness ability to clock in the largestnumber of workouts moves in a given time. Winners of course, took home rewardsand a few slices of bragging rights to boot.

Soemitra added, “Our menutoday, from the group-running adventure, to the dance party, as well as thefitness challenge is built to create awareness on fitness-based healthylifestyle among Jakartans. Sunday morning does not have to be spent on wakingup late, instead start your day by boosting your adrenaline, having a blast andfeeling like a champ. Working out in social setting is clearly the better wayto refresh your body and mind.”

Besides hosting a mass workout,Fit & Fun Sunday Morningalso featureda fundraising activity to support the upcoming breast cancer awareness nationaleventPink Octoberon 30October2019. The activity is part of Fitness First’s initiative to show appreciationfor its success, give back and make a difference. All proceeds will be used toprovide free breast scans service to the local community.