From Training to Triumph: Fitness First Running Club at Maybank Bali Marathon 2023
From Training to Triumph: Fitness First Running Club at Maybank Bali Marathon

Maybank Bali Marathon 2023 is named one of the most “anticipated races in Indonesia”. This year’s race, held on August 27 2023, welcomes runners from around the world to join in the 42-km long full marathon, 21km half marathon and 10K marathon along the flat road and rolling hills passing local villages at Gianyar, the east region of Bali.

A total of 33 members of the Fitness First Running Club (FFRC) and 12 representatives from FFRC and Evolution Wellness Indonesia participated in the Maybank Bali Marathon this year. In this event, 5 FFRC members and running specialists enthusiastically participated in the full Marathon category, while 33 others chose to compete in the Half-Marathon category, and 7 others joined the 10-kilometer category.

To prepare members who are joining the big race, Fitness First Indonesia welcomes runners to level up their fitness abilities by laying out multiple workout options during 12 weeks concentrated training with well-trained Running Specialist or Running Buddies. The program ranges from easy run, tempo run, long run, interval training and strength training. For even more effective results, runners can also train with Certified Coach to get a more tailored training session that is suitable for their immediate needs, for example building core strength or targeting the right leg muscle size for optimal running performance.

Interested in joining the Fitness First Running Club community and improving your running abilities or preparing for marathon events? This community is open to both Fitness First and Celebrity Fitness members and non-members, and they practice every Sunday morning during Car Free Day. Click the following link to join!