Fitness First  New You Achievement Awards Unveil Inspirational Transformations

Fitness First Indonesia held New You Achievement Award night at Pullman Hotel, Central Jakarta to celebrate the success of members’ outstanding transformation. New You is Fitness First’s iconic program that inspires members to train for life-changing progress in their fitness levels and in turn increase the quality of their daily lifestyle. Attracting many participants from around the country, the 16-week contest finally unveils 15 finalists and the winners who have achieved their goals with different backgrounds, obstacles and inspirational stories.

“Today we’re celebrating transformation stories that have inspired us the most. New You has given us the opportunity to discover real-life inspiration and acknowledging our members for their tenacity and hard work. They have overcome many challenges physically and mentally with fitness. Some even have serious illness, but they bounce back and start to take their health seriously by exercising regularly, learn about food intake and nutrition as well as their whole wellbeing. As a result, they have inspired many people around them to exercise”, shares David Prosser, Managing Director of Fitness First Indonesia.

On top of the award, the winners received cash prizes totaling IDR 100.000.000 (One Hundred Million Rupiah). 


Leading the way with the Outstanding Achievement Award in the Overall Category is Sumayyah Usman, 18-year old Maluku citizen who was subjected to bullies due to her overweight look, travels all the way to Jakarta to prove a point. She trains tirelessly at Fitness First and went from 124 kg to 76.8 kg to lose 47.2 kg in 1 year.


Winning the Leaner Category is S. Adelia Yovita, 33-year old housewife living with ENT (Ear, Nose, Throat) allergies had to consume a lot of antibiotics from her frequent visit to the doctor, giving her acute insomnia. Starting at 92 kg, she lost 30 kg in 1 year of training and succeeded in completing the marathon run Titan Run 10K with great finishing time.


The Stronger Category award went to Reni Minarti, a 45-year old executive defies the popular belief that getting six-pack abs is rare for women at her age. She trains full force for 3 sessions per week, and impressively gains 3 kg of muscle mass with the toned six-pack she always wants. 


Safir Abadi, 41-year old diving enthusiast took home the Athletic Category. She overcame depression, anxiety and eating disorder through fitness quickly lost 7 kg in 3 months and went on to break the record in the National Free Diving in DYN Monofin category, diving 141 meters downwards in one breathe-in. She plans to take part in the next international diving competition World Championship Team held in Bulgaria.


Dahlia Citra Buana, the Well-being Category winner shared her heartwarming journey as a 40-year old cancer survivor who struggled through chemotherapy treatments and surgical operations while living in constant fear of her cancer growing back. She had to train painfully with a weak left arm and a fractured right leg, progressing slowly from doing 2-3 movements in 1 hour to getting her stamina up and running in 2 months. Her persistence helped her to lose 16 kg and now she feels stronger and healthier to enjoy her new cancer-free life with her children.



New You award night also acknowledged achievement from the staff in Fitness First, with Medio Alfrido, 30-year old personal trainer scooping up the award the Staff Category. Medio suffered a big blow when he fractured the bone on his left arm and had to go for a surgical operation. The injury is so serious that he thought he is going to lose his career as a personal trainer. Using all his knowledge, he braved himself to begin muscle rehabilitation through light weight-training and amazingly recovered within 1 month. Now with his muscle functioning well, he is back at his favorite job sharing workout tips with the members.

Prosser agrees, “This achievement is not just about getting stronger but also feeling more confident. Our winners excel because they do not give up easily, and this level of mental strength is what we hope other members can also achieve so they can go further in their fitness progress and other life goals.”


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