Get Fit Fast with Fellow Freestyle Workout Enthusiasts And Our  Certified Coach: Fitness First  Freestyle Community 

Are you ready to take your training to the next level? Are you ready to get maximum results in minimum time?

Check out our free style community which we launched on Sunday 17 November 2019. This is the perfect place to spark your functional trainings with a group workout setting. In each session, which we host on Sunday on the 4th week of every month, you will train with fellow members in a group of 6-12 people, focusing on Dynamic Movement Training (DMT).

DMT takes the body’s natural movement patterns required in everyday life and in sports - bending, reaching, twisting, squatting, lunging, pushing and pulling – and work them in multi-planar directions. There is a lot of work on core strength in which the entire body must move as one fully-integrated unit stimulate cardio, muscular and neural systems.

The concept is practiced in High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), in which you will train your core, improve heart rate and boost metabolism to give you the after-burn that torches calories up to 24 hours after your workout.

You can also use build strength by working on your muscle mass, endurance and bone density, while training on power generation to master the technique of releasing explosive power for better athletic performance.

Latest fitness innovations are all available for you to play with, from ViPR, Kettlebell, Plyosoft Box, TRX and among others. More importantly, you will train with the most energetic, most fun and most committed members. We promise you lots of excitement and results.  


Did we forget to mention all equipment, all group activities will be enjoyed outdoor? Yes, that is right. With the hot sun and refreshing wind, your freestyle training is just about to get even more raw.

Start your journey in our Freestyle Group Community today, stay tuned on our Instagram page for more schedules, information, and sign up details! Let's have a blast at every sessions of it.