Fitness First Celebrates Valentine's Day with FROM FITNESS WITH LOVE
Fitness First  Celebrates Valentine's Day with FROM FITNESS WITH LOVE

Valentine’s Day is a fantastic holiday to celebrate your appreciation and affection for the people you love in your life. 

Instead of going out to a fancy meal, accompanied by a calorie-filled box of chocolate and an expensive bottle of wine, why not consider doing something fun like working up a sweat together and share the gift of health on the special day.

On 14 February 2020, we have prepared special Fitness First classes in every club location for all the lovely couples. Members can have fun and build lasting bonds with each other as well as their partner in our high-intensity, upbeat classes like Freestyle Group Training (FGT) StrengthFGT HIITAdvanced Flow Yoga, and Zumba



A couple workout setup definitely pumps that extra magic into the mood. Besides getting each other to stay motivated in completing challenging workout and sparks a little bit of healthy competition, trying new equipment and exercise can also be less intimidating. Most importantly, when you have fun working out with someone you care about, time seems to fly by.
But couple workout is just one part of this beautiful celebration. We sent more love from Fitness First by giving out prizes. After all, what is Valentine Celebration without a little gift? members and couples who attended the special classes with Valentine theme outfit are encouraged to join Snap and Win Instagram contest by posting their photos or videos during their workout and win our special prizes.



May good fitness blossoms all the loves into an adventurous and energized relationship on this Valentine’s Day.  


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