Make Fit Happen 2021 Unveils Inspirational Winners

Make Fit Happen 2021 Unveils Inspirational Winners

After 3 months of training, Silfiana is feeling so much better and healthier. The fact that she has cut 7 kilograms of her body weight is the reason why she is easily gleaming with smiles nowadays. Silfiana is one of three winners of Make Fit Happen, a fitness transformation contest that is held by Fitness First Indonesia to inspire members to achieve and improve their healthy lifestyle.The three winners: Suryadi, Silfiana, and Joanne, have achieved their goals and are willing to share their inspirational stories.


The 41-year-old businessman admitted that he used to be overweight. “My stamina was poor and my body shape wasn’t looking great,” he shared. Through Make Fit Happen 2021, he wanted to challenge himself to get fit and stronger. He cut off up to 15 kilograms within 3 months and a total of 23 kilograms since he trained with his personal Coach starting October 2020, making him the first winner of Make Fit Happen 2021. “Make Fit Happen helped me to achieve the most significant change in my life. Today I feel stronger, healthier, and confident to go further in life,” he said.



As a breast cancer survivor, Silfiana is now living a healthier lifestyle. The doctor suggested her to reduce some weight and body fat which is one of the triggers for breast cancer for women. Her commitment to train at Fitness First Indonesia and participation in Make Fit Happen 2021 helped her to lose up to 7 kilograms in a short period of time which made her a runner up winner of Make Fit Happen 2021. “My physicality has improved and made me appreciate life more than before,” she said happily.



The moment when she joined Fitness First for the first time in October 2020, Joanne knew it was the right decision. She used to be a victim of bullying and she wanted to prove to her bullies that she can improve. She started her active and healthy lifestyle and tried to challenge herself at Make Fit Happen 2021. With her hard work and consistency during the 3 month training period, she accomplished her desired body goal and lost 4.1 kilograms, making her the 3rd winner of Make Fit Happen 2021.


These 3 winners have defeated more than 100 other contestants from Fitness First all across Indonesia. As rewards of their hard work and dedication during this event, all winners and personal coaches participated in Make Fit Happen 2021 were granted with cash prizes.

Indra Syafnir, Marketing Manager of Fitness First said that this event and all of its winners can be our motivation to always stay in our healthy lifestyle. “Don’t make this pandemic as an excuse to skip your workout. Instead, this is the best time to improve your immune system by implementing a healthy lifestyle,” he suggested.