Fitness First Unveils 2022’s Make Fit Happen Winners

Fitness First Indonesia once again held Make Fit Happen, an iconic program that inspires members to train for life-changing progress in their fitness levels and in turn increase the quality of their daily lifestyle. Attracting many participants from all our clubs in Jakarta, the 3-months competition finally unveils 5 finalists and 3 winners who have achieved their goals with different backgrounds, obstacles, and inspirational stories.
Let’s get closer to the winners!

Kusuma Dewi from Fitness First Taman Anggrek

Leading the way in the first place is Kusuma Dewi from Fitness First Taman Anggrek. The 40 years old mother is an active member of Fitness First Mall Taman Anggrek. As a mother, Dewi doesn’t want to make any excuses to skip working out in order to take care of her children. That is why she participated in Make Fit Happen with her Coach Jonwansyah. After undergoing the 3-months training period, Dewi is living a healthier life and looking amazing after gaining 10% muscle mass resulted from the training.


Fachri Rabbani from Fitness First Pejaten Village


Standing In the second place is Fachri Rabbani, 25, from Fitness First Pejaten Village. Fachri used to be underweight and got bullied because of his unattractiveness. He decided to join Fitness First and participated in Make Fit Happen 2022. He trained with Coach Dody almost everyday in our club and now Fachri has gained more than 20 kilograms since he joined Fitness First Indonesia, 10 kg of those are gained during Make Fit Happen competition. Now he looks more attractive and has a better self confident.


Grace from Fitness First Senayan City


Finally, we have Grace from Fitness First Senayan City. She aims to live a healthy lifestyle after she realized that she has reached obesity. For this reason, she joined Fitness First and train with Coach Medio. The most significant changes that she feels after undergone 3-month-training are she feels confident with her weight and has almost reached her desired body goal.


These 3 winners have defeated more than 100 other contestants from Fitness First all across Indonesia. As rewards of their hard work and dedication during this event, all winners and personal coaches participated in Make Fit Happen 2022 were granted with cash prizes.

Indra Syafnir, Marketing Manager of Fitness First said that this event and all of its winners can be our motivation to always stay in our healthy lifestyle. “As the pandemic starts to slow down and everything shifts back to normalcy, exercising should be a motivator to go out more and lead a healthier and active lifestyle.” he suggested.