Media Workout Experiencing Pro-Cycling featuring Stages Flight

Media Workout Experiencing Pro Cycling
featuring Stages Flight


Keeping its innovation at the forefront of Indonesia’s fitness industry, Fitness First Indonesia today introduced Stages Flight, a data-driven technology that measures training performance and motivates competitive indoor group cycling experiences. Available now at Fitness First Pacific Place Mall, Stages Flight will power up Fitness First’s Pro-Cycling class and recreate a real biking feel on a shared screen. 

“Stages Flight is one of the best innovations in cycling performance tech and we are thrilled to be the first and only one to offer it in Indonesia. Our goal has always been to drive members to go further in their training, and one way to achieve this is by creating a more competitive atmosphere. With this new upgrade, Pro-Cycling class members can now view everyone’s live cycling performances and get inspired to perform better.” said David Prosser, Country Manager of Fitness First Indonesia.

To monitor workout performance, Stages Flight connects its custom digital indoor bike to a smart web-based software, featuring power data metrics, engaging cycling interface, diverse ride journeys as well as the ability to track fitness goals and achievements over time. The software also allows members to create a personal account to view their workout histories and as well as community engagement. 

The industry-changing Stages Flight technology will make the Pro-Cycling class feel more inclusive, engaging and productive, and members who have benefited from a normal Pro-Cycling class workout with enhanced lower-body muscles, core strength, endurance and power, will now be even more driven to improve results.

Cleber Nunes, Fitness First Group Fitness Development Manager, agreed, “To succeed in our Pro-Cycling class, members need to train with the right level of motivation and training guidance. Stages Flight data-sharing screen promotes new interaction between members which often heats up a normal group workout into a friendly contest. Data sharing also allows the instructor to easily learn about each member’s progress and give inputs on training strategy so members can immediately work on increasing their performance level.”
Prosser added, “Stages Flight technology has successfully helped many professional cyclists undergo heavy workouts to become world champions. We truly hope that by using the same technology together with various Fitness First’s high-performance workout programs, local cyclists can now go further and become world champions of their own class.
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