Member's Inspiring Story: Dahlia Citra Buana - Her remarkable journey in surviving breast cancer inspires us all

Member's Inspiring Story: Dahlia Citra Buana

Her remarkable journey in surviving breast cancer while achieving incredible fitness results inspires us all.

Name: Dahlia Citra Buana

Before: 72 kg

After: 56 kg

Weight loss: 16 kg


Dahlia Citra Buana is our 2019 New You Achievement Award winner on the Well-being category. Her remarkable journey in surviving breast cancer while achieving an incredible 16 kg weight loss and 12% fat loss in just 2 years of training speaks volume of her fighting spirit and truly embodies what Fitness First’s Go Further motto means.

Dahlia was in her mid-30s when diagnosed with breast cancer, and she went through many painful chemotherapy treatments and surgeries. Years later her condition improved but there is always that constant fear that cancer will resurface. It made her mentally depressed and question whether she can ever feel normal again. 

Dahlia decided to take the fight head-on and in 2017, she joined Fitness First in the hope to find the transformation she needs to be fit and feel confident in fighting her illness. Under the guidance of her personal trainer Agus Kurniawan, Dahlia began to train slowly but surely. 

Let's see the inspiring before-after photo of Dahlia below

“I was so unfit at the beginning that Agus only allows me to do only 2-3 movements in 1 hour of workout, and it was 3 months before I became fit enough to exercise with intensity. I then began to participate in Freestyle Group Training class four times every week, building my core body strength, agility, endurance, and breathing technique.” Dahlia recalled. 
Winning against cancer feels like a stroke of good luck, but Dahlia shared her true secret to success. “My kids are the biggest reason I did not give up. I feel like I can always push one step further no matter how difficult the challenge is, and here I am, reborn, transformed, and feeling more alive than ever before. I am ready for more challenges, not just in the gym, but also in my career.”
Dahlia is a veteran journalist-turn-TV-producer at a national TV station. With her newfound confidence and energy, she became an entrepreneur and started her own TV station Narasi TV.

Instructor Profile

Name: Agus Kurniawan

Title:  Personal Trainer
Grade: Advance Coach


-Personal Trainer for 8 years


-Weight Loss

-Sports Performance Program

-Total Fitness Exercise

-Speed and Agility

-Body Shaping

-Muscle Toning

-Muaythai for Fitness


-Freestyle Movement


-Postural Analysis

-Core Building


-Fitness First PT Foundation Course

-Freestyle Group Training

-Principles of Fitness

-Cardiorespiratory Training

-First Aid Certification Level 1

-TRX Suspension Training Certification

-Muaythai Certification Level 1

-Certification Fitness Coach Level 1 (CFC)

-Certification Bosu

-Certification ViPR (Vitality Performance Reconditioning)

-Kettlebell Sport Coach Level 1 Internasional Kettlebell Sport & Fitness Academy