Member's Inspiring Story: Medio Alfrido - Move to Jakarta Only to Achieve Her Fitness Goals

Member's Inspiring Story - Medio Alfrido S. Tatontos

Name : Medio Alfrido Salomo Tatontos

As one of the winners of Fitness First 2019 New You Achievement Award in the Staff Category and one of the most sought-after personal trainers at Fitness First, 30-year-old Medio Alfrido has helped many members achieve life-changing transformations. Whatever the goals are, Medio was always ready to set each member with a high-impact and fun training regimen.

An unexpected moment happened when he broke his left arm and had to through an operation. Medio was told by the doctor that it will take about 8-9 months to achieve significant recovery. There was no guarantee for a complete recovery.

Sad and dejected, Medio wondered if his injury will force him to leave his passion and career as a personal trainer or stop him from doing all the sports he love such as basketball, swimming, cycling, archery and badminton. Luckily, friends and fellow Fitness First trainers relentlessly told him to pursue recovery through fitness.


“As an expert personal trainer and sports enthusiast, I gather up my courage and harnessed every knowledge I know about fitness recovery and began to apply it on myself. My recovery path began with a few light to medium weight-training activities. The progress was quick. After a few weeks, I was getting my fitness level up and my muscle joints were getting stronger. In less than 2 months, I felt as good as new.” he shared.

He added, “It is very important to stay positive during difficult time. I felt very hopeless after the doctor’s diagnose, but years of training at Fitness First taught me how to persevere, believe in yourself and always go extra steps further during workout and in life. Just stay committed and good things will happen.”
Upon his recovery, Medio lost 10% body weight while gaining almost 5% muscle mass.

Personal Trainer Profile

Nama : Medio Alfrido Salomo Tatontos
Position : Personal Trainer
Grading : PT Coach

- Personal Trainer for 5 years

- Fat loss
- Functional Training
- Strength and Conditioning for Sports Performance
- Lean Muscle Building
- Preparation and Recovery
- Core training
- Muaythay for fitness
- Strength Endurance
Qualifications/ Certification:
- Certified Personal Trainer Fitness First Asia Foundation
- Certified Preparation and Recovery System by Functional Training Institute
- Certified Basic Muaythay Level 1 & 2 by Golden Camp
- Certified Personal Trainer by National Academy Sports Medicine
- Suspension Training Course
- Medicine ball training Course
- ViPR Training Course
- Kettlebell Training Course
- Battling Ropes Training Course
- BOSU Training Course
- Core Bag Training Course
- Bulgarian Bag Training Course
- Sandbell Training Course
- Self Myofacial Release Course