Member's Inspiring Story: S. Adelia Yovita - Successfully Lost 30 KG In Just A Year And Achieved Better General Body Health

Name: S. Adelia Yovita

Before: 92 kg

After: 61,2 kg

Weight loss: 30,8 kg


Winner of New You Achievement Award 2019 in the Leaner category is S. Adelia Yovita, a 33-year old housewife who lost 30 kg of her weight in one year, which is within her target time that she set on the day she became Fitness First member. 

Previously, Adelia whose weight was 92 kg struggled with ENT (Ear, Nose, and Throat) allergies and had constantly consumed a lot of antibiotics from her frequent doctor visit. This results in her insomnia and a significant lack of energy, both of which lower her ability to perform well in her daily activities.

At that time, she felt like she was constantly being stared at by people because of her size. Oftentimes she goes shopping to find out that the store doesn’t have the apparel of her size. She felt embarrassed. This feeling slowly makes her less concerned with her appearance and in the end, resigns to wearing her husband’s clothing.

Soon her mindset and emotion were greatly compromised. She started to experience anxiety, low self-esteem, and develop an eating disorder. As she became more depressed, she realized that she needed a way out. 

Adelia decided to join Fitness First to jumpstart her fitness Journey. “I want to thank my Personal Trainer, RInggo, who have supported me all the way and taught me to focus on the big picture. He has encouraged me to be consistent with my training to see changes that I want”.

Let's see the inspiring before-after photo of Adelia below

As Adelia’s motivation grew, Ringgo incorporated a workout regimen that builds her strength and boosts her endurance. He not only taught her fitness techniques. He also gives her nutritional advice. 
With her fitness routine accompanied by a healthy diet, Adelia starts to see her transformation “many of my friends who have not seen me for a while could not recognize that this is me now. I have physically become fitter, i feel younger and fresh because I have more energy to take on my day”
“I’m very happy and content.  Aside from being an inspiration for a lot of people to get into fitness,   I have replaced all my closet with a new wardrobe. I become much more confident and excited when I go out because I can wear clothes that are more fashionable”. 
The success of her transformation has motivated her more to live healthily. She has stopped being dependent on antibiotics and surpassed her fitness goals by taking part in the marathon run Titan Run 10K and succeeded in completing the race much faster than her expected timing.

Instructor Profile

Name: Hai Keemti Siringo Ringo

Title:  Fitness Team Leader
Grade: Elite Coach


- Personal Trainer for 10 years


- Weight Loss

- Sports Performance Program

- Total Fitness Exercise

- Speed and Agility

- Body Shaping

- Muscle Toning

- Muaythai for Fitness

- Strength

- Freestyle Movement


- Fitness First PT Foundation Course

- Freestyle Group Training

- Principles of Fitness

- Cardiorespiratory Training

- First Aid Certification

- TRX Suspension Training Certification

- Muaythai Certification Level 1

- Certification Fitness Coach Level 1 (CFC)

- Certification Bosu

- Certification ViPR (Vitality Performance Reconditioning)