Member's Inspiring Story: Sumayyah Usman - Moving to Jakarta Only to Achieve Her Fitness Goals

Name: Sumayyah Usman

Before: 124 kg

After: 76,8 kg

Weight loss: 47,2 kg


Sumayyah Usman, the winner for New You Outstanding Achievement Award 2019 for Overall Category, successfully went from 124 kg to 76.8 kg or lose 47.2 kg in one year. Her powerful motivation comes from her personal experience of getting bullied for the most part of her life due to her weight.

For many years, Sumayyah was subjected to extreme fat-shaming towards her weight not just from friends but also from surrounding neighbors. She has been despised, ridiculed and prejudiced so much, she became insecure and has to quit school. 

The constant abuse made her depressed and caused her to develop serious health issues. She began to suffer from breathing difficulties, swollen tonsils, and multiple boils on her stomach area and anxiety issues. These bad experience also cause her to have irregular menstruation that at one point was stopped for a year. 

At 18-year-old Sumayyah decided to take charge of her life by setting big goals. While most people move to Jakarta for academic and professional goals, Sumayyah travelled alone from her hometown of Maluku Island to the capital city only to join Fitness First in pursuit of the biggest weight loss of her life.

Love to Dance, a dance class created by Fitness First Indonesia, breaks down trendy songs into smaller sections and train shorter series of dance choreograph. The goal is to enforce training by memory to boost confidence so the dancer can eventually feel the emotion of the songs and begin to dance gracefully without relying on memory. The program is great for beginners as well as advanced dancers who want to sharpen their skills or even create a few moves of their own.

Being a better dancer not only makes Hanna a happy person, but also a driven one. She stated, “I was a member of Celebrity Fitness Puri Mall for 10 years, and I was always struggling in its Signature dance classes like Core Motion, Insanity, Raw, Flavor and Seduce. Being a much better dancer this time, I think I am ready to re-join those classes. And what a great time it is for me pursue my passion for dancing, because now I can enjoy both Celebrity Fitness and Fitness First memberships for a cheaper price by upgrading to the DUAL membership plan.” 

Instructor Profile

Name: Dee Kaminari

Title:  Love To Dance Program Champion

Dharma Putra, more widely known as Jakarta’s dance master Dee Kaminari, is the creator of Fitness First’s famous Signature Program called Love To Dance. Effectively mixing his inborn passion and dance technique which he developed at a young age, Dee has gone on to receive prestigious dance certifications from world-leading workout innovation brand Les Mills. To date, he has scooped up the Les Mills Body Jam International Certified AIM (Advanced Instructor Module) 1 and 2, as well as the Les Mills SH’BAM International Certified AIM 1.

Recalling his fast progress in the fitness industry, Dharma shared, “I joined Fitness First in 2007 and within 10 years I have succeeded in mastering all the dance themes like Body Jam, SH’Bam, Hardcore Maxx, as well as the 2 Signature Classes Love To Dance and Aquafit. Fitness First has inspired me to go further in my training, from the New You Achievement Award to the Running Club that trains members for Marathon and other running races. This motivation in addition to the positive social atmosphere the club are why I improved my ability so much so fast.”

It is no surprise that Dee has pushed boundaries not just in fitness but also in his career as a graphic designer, which happens to be the other half of his 2 most favorite things in the world. Currently, Dee is working as a designer at Fitness First’s support office, while sharing his passion for fitness as Fitness First’s Instructor. “I believe my ability to transform my passions into my lifestyle boils down to my motto, which is Always Stay Positive and Never Give Up, You Will Learn Something Today. And I want my students to know this.” he said.