Members’ Safety Is Top Priority As Fitness First Clubs Reopen
Member's Safety Is Top Priority As Fitness First Clubs Reopen

We introduce new protocols to prioritize your safety and health

As the Indonesian government declares to relax the COVID-19 lockdown status and plan its progress to its phase two reopening stage, local authorities have begun to show their support by approving commercial businesses to reopen. In some cities, fitness clubs who have been temporarily closed for months are now reopening with new protocols that focus on members’ safety as a top priority.

“Our clubs have begun to reopen in phases and we are excited to welcome back our members. In view of how the recent pandemic made a clean lifestyle the focal point of everybody’s new normal, we have prepared a new workout experience with an elevated level of safety and cleanliness. Our team will be introducing several protocols that focus on the mobile app for group fitness class booking, physical distancing, personal hygiene, and equipment hygiene.” said David Prosser, Managing Director of Fitness First & Celebrity Fitness Indonesia.

Group Fitness Class Bookings

A central measure carried out by the government in tackling the pandemic is social distancing. As the country slowly reopens, Fitness First not only retains but also improves the practice of social distancing in the club’s settings.

To achieve this setup, Fitness First has launched mobile apps that allow members to make early bookings for group fitness class slots. The apps will record these bookings and help the club’s staff maintain the club’s capacity at a safe level of 50% as advised by the nationwide government regulation regarding social gathering activities.

“Mobile app booking is an effective tool for us in our pursuit to build a safe social distancing policy. But more than this, our user-friendly apps also serve as a convenient way for our members to make reservations remotely.” Prosser said.

Members can download the Fitness First app from App Store and Google Play Store. The class booking period opens 46 hours before class begins and closes 5 minutes before class begins.

The mobile app also incorporates waitlist and penalty features. Members will get into waitlist status when they schedule a fully-booked class. The waitlist will be closed 60 minutes before class begins. In the event of cancellation, members must do so no later than 4 hours before class begins if they are in normal booking status, and no later than 5 minutes before class begins for the booking on a waitlist status.

To minimize no-show, the app penalizes members who are not showing up for as many as 6 times in 30 consecutive days. Members will then be unable to use mobile app booking for 7 days.


Physical Distancing

After booking through the mobile app, members can visit the club and expect to see the new onsite physical distancing protocols.

All members are required to maintain a minimum distance of 2 meters from each other in workout studios and 1.5 meters from each other in all other areas inside the club. They are also advised to eliminate social activities like buddy workouts as well as close-contact group photo-taking session. 

The studios have been installed with floor markings to assign which spots members can use in group classes. Equipment like treadmill and bike are rearranged so members only use alternate equipment during training. 

Prosser said, “Our new protocols are making sure physical distancing measure applies for all areas in the club including the training zones as well as inside the locker room where members are only allowed to use alternate locker unit.”


Personal Hygiene

All members, staff, and guests must take a temperature test at the club’s entry point, where the test officer will reject any individual with a temperature reading of more than 37.30C, which is the government-mandated temperature for a healthy body.

To minimize contact during the exchange of membership cards at the club’s entrance, members will now perform self-check-ins and check-outs by tapping their card on a digital reader. 

They are also required to sign a health declaration form to confirm that they are in good state of health, free of COVID-19 symptoms, and ready to follow all of the club’s cleanliness protocols.

“Our members are the biggest attendees in the clubs, and while the staff are already assigned to enforce the club’s new protocols, collaboration with the members through the health form guidelines can truly help achieve a high quality of overall cleanliness and safety at all times,” Prosser explained. 

Each member is encouraged to practice good personal hygiene with simple actions like covering their mouth during coughing/sneezing, wearing a face mask before and after a workout session, as well as frequently cleaning their hands with hand sanitizers provided at the club’s entry point, gym, and lockers. 

In addition, they are advised to bring their own towel as well as previously-shared fitness gear such as yoga mat, yoga hammock, boxing gloves, and suspension equipment.


Club Interior and Equipment Hygiene

Before a club reopens, full sanitation assessment of electrical, mechanical, water flow, air-conditioning as well as air filtration system have been carried out to ensure that everything is in prime condition.

The club’s new protocol calls for disciplined equipment hygiene precaution in which both the staffs and members must clean the equipment before and after use with provided disinfectant sprayers. The staff will also make sure that all workout studios are cleaned in between classes.

Some facilities, however, will not be open for use. “While we want members to enjoy the full gym experience, we have decided that for members’ safety, all saunas, steam rooms, and swimming pools will be closed temporarily until further notice.” according to Prosser.


Start Working Out Today While Transitioning to Full Gym Visit

Aside from introducing the club’s new safety protocols, Prosser also highlighted the availability of the online fitness program, Home Sweat Home as a workout option during the transition period to the new normal. 

“Featuring classes like Cardio, Dance, Strength Training, Yoga, and Zumba, Home Sweat Home is a great way for the members to start working out immediately while waiting for our clubs to fully reopen,” Prosser said.

Home Sweat Home offers 22 registered LIVE classes every week, which can be accessed at In LIVE classes, members can interact with Superstars and Experts for a more energizing workout experience.

The program also serves up pre-recorded sessions at Fitness First social media platforms. “As added encouragement, we have 6 pre-recorded classes per week to keep the members active and in shape during this period. Our social media reach has now exceeded to 3 million and has been experienced by more than 1 million viewers.” Prosser added.