Member's Success Story - Devi Anggrainy

Member's Success Story
Devi Anggrainy

Name: Devi Anggrainy

Club: Fitness First Platinum Senayan City


Devi Anggrainy, member of Fitness First Platinum club at Senayan City Mall, has just won 1st place in the Make Fit Happen member transformation contest after losing 30 kg in just 6 months. Refreshed with her new slim body shape and a big smile she carries all the times, it is easy to think that her journey was a smooth one.

At almost 100 kg with low fitness levels, Devi Anggrainy used to have a hard times doing simple physical actions like running, jumping, walking long distance, and carrying weights up the stairs. Devi was unhappy with her frequent ankle and knee injuries, and one day she finally decided to make big changes to lose weight and join Fitness First Platinum at Senayan City. 

She recalled her experience, “I was really unfamiliar with the concept of going to the gym, from using the equipment to choosing which classes to take. All I want is to quickly lose weight and tone my body without consuming diet pills or going for surgery. I tried to read about this online, but I realized that everyone’s physical conditions are different and so we all have different needs. This is when I decided to go with the Personal Training Program.”

Despite her fresh enthusiasm, Devi’s journey is hampered with long list of problems, beginning from her low fitness level. Due to prolonged period of low-activity lifestyle, Devi is not fit enough for advanced training or group workout classes. She needs to build her core strength so she would not get injured easily in more intense workout. She shared, “Getting my fitness up and running was really difficult then because I ran out of stamina easily and I was not strong enough to complete a few series of sit-ups. I got easily discouraged, mainly because my journey barely started and I had already felt so far from my goals.”


Let's see Devi's before (top) and after (bottom) photo. She managed to lose 30 kg in just 6 months.


But Rifqy Usa Umbara, Devi’s personal trainer had other ideas. One session is all he needed to learn Devi’s physical fitness strengths and weaknesses. He said, “Devi was very weak physically when she first joined the club. She was not ready for anything intense training, so I have to set up light workout that maximizes her fitness progress. From doing simple functional moves to using treadmill strategically, we made sure she can pump up her stamina at small progression and slowly get used to a more upbeat workout on the next session. Luckily, she was very determined and positive.”

Devi’s problem did not stop there. In order to meet her goals of losing weight, she had to actually eat less and more importantly eat right. Her love for food certainly did not help. “I love all kinds of food and I always had snacks with me all the time, when I am working in the office, or enjoying my pastimes like watching movies, listening to music, reading books or writing short novels. But I also experience afternoon slump and often gets really sleep and feels too weak to move around.” shared Devi.

To tackle this problem, Rifqy educated Devi about how too much sugars and carbohydrates consumption can force the brain to release hormones that causes drowsiness. Rifqy also helped set up a proper eating diet consisting of more lean meat and less flour-based products, while getting rid of her snacks time. “Convincing Devi to give up her snacks was not easy, but in the end, I came up with list of food that is quite reasonable. She would consume more chicken, beef, eggs, tofu, spinach, tomato and several fruit items, while eating less sweet snacks, fried food and desserts.” said Rifqy.

Beside her lacking of physical fitness, Devi’s worse problem is her busy schedule. As a series producer at large media company Fremantle Indonesia, which is responsible for blockbuster TV show such as Indonesian idol, The X factor, Family 100, Super deal, etc, she always had a busy schedule and her time for going to the gym is limited. Rifqy knew this and he built a workout routine that produces better result every session but not too overpowering for Devi’s fitness ability.

With the support of her trainer, Devi began to train consistently, eat proper and become more attentive to her health. In just 6 months, Devi achieved her goal.

 “I was completely shocked my hard work paid off so fast. Rifqy is a very talented trainer and he changes my life. He sure knows how to make my workout fun, and he always pushes me to go the extra miles. For years, everyone in my family have always known me to be overweight and inactive. Now, everyone was surprised with my transformation and getting their compliments make me even happier and more confident.” said Devi.  

She added, “Winning first place in Make Fit Happen feels great, but I want to train even harder so I can be really fit and better enjoy real sports like yoga and swimming. I also want to advise anyone out there who is about to start their fitness journey, please get a Personal Trainer, they really make a big difference to the way you train. They will measure your body to learn about your muscle mass, endurance, fat loss and many other details, so you can set up your goals with a definite numerical approach. Remember, I used to be almost 100 kg and was wearing XXXL size fitness apparel, now I can fit into M or S size. Transformations are difficult, but possible. Be consistent, focus on small progress and listen to your trainers, you will succeed.”

Personal Trainer Profile

Name: Rifqy Usa Umbara

Level: Coach

Rifqy Usa Umbara, personal trainer at Fitness First Senayan City, is passionate about sports. Already a serial winner in multiple karate championships on district and national levels, Rifqy continues his high performance at Fitness First Indonesia by helping his member, Devi Anggrainy, to achieve her goal and in winning first place for the transformation contest, ¬Make Fit Happen campaign.

Specializing in various training technique such as Functional Training, Weight Loss, Fat Loss, Core and sports performance (agility, power and speed), it is easy to think Rifqy has little challenges as a personal trainer. Reflecting on some of the memories during his 1.5 years at Fitness First, he shared, “Seeing members achieved their goals is why I become personal trainer, I feel proud that they have trusted me with their body transformation. However, some members have high expectation but has put a limit to their potential, and this is a big challenge for us.”

“My strategy is to build a training regimen that suits my client’s need and set up small goals for every session so that they will not be overwhelmed with the overall targets. The small progress increased their endurance level, gives them confidence and enthusiasm to train harder for the next session. I also try to keep the mood upbeat and take their mind off the targets sometimes so they can enjoy their workout better. Devi, who used to dislike exercise has now incorporate her workout routine into her lifestyle. I think it’s a huge progress from where she started”

Rifqy is thankful how sports propel his performance in career and health, and he wants to inspire the members to do the same. He stated, “Most people are busy working and it is not easy to find time for exercise.  But exercise actually boost our immune system and help us perform better at the workplace. And if we finish our work faster, we will feel less stressed and have even more time to exercise. I think this is a better use of time.”

Just like his motto in life, “Use your time wisely and be useful to those in need.”


Rifqy Usa Umbara


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