Member's Inspiring Story - Sumayyah Usman
Move to Jakarta Only to Achieve Her Fitness Goals

Name: Sumayyah Usman
Age: 19

Club: Fitness First Platinum Grand Indonesia

Before: 124 kg
After: 76.8 kg
Weight loss: 47.2 kg

Sumayyah Usman, the winner for New You Outstanding Achievement Award 2019 for Overall Category, successfully went from 124 kg to 76.8 kg or lose 47.2 kg in one year. Her powerful motivation comes from her personal experience of getting bullied for the most part of her life due to her weight.
For many years, Sumayyah was subjected to extreme fat-shaming towards her weight not just from friends but also from surrounding neighbors. She has been despised, ridiculed and prejudiced so much, she became insecure and has to quit school. 

The constant abuse made her depressed and caused her to develop serious health issues. She began to suffer from breathing difficulties, swollen tonsils, and multiple boils on her stomach area and anxiety issues. These bad experience also cause her to have irregular menstruation that at one point was stopped for a year. 

At 18-year-old Sumayyah decided to take charge of her life by setting big goals. While most people move to Jakarta for academic and professional goals, Sumayyah travelled alone from her hometown of Maluku Island to the capital city only to join Fitness First in pursuit of the biggest weight loss of her life.

Let's see Sumayyah's before (top) and after (bottom) photos. She managed to lose 47.2 kg in a year.


Under the guidance of her Personal Trainer, she got rid of her breathing problems, swollen tonsils and her boils around her stomach within a few months. She recalled, “my Personal Trainer, Firman Setiadi not only helps me train right to achieve my ideal weight but he also inspires me to be more confident in interacting with others and social settings. He has high expectations and was very strict with my training and diet plans. The best part is that he treated me like his younger sister, always protecting and cheering me to go further”. 

With her new look, Sumayyah found her happier sense of self. She looks fitter, healthier and more confident in interacting with others. “Every minute of my journey is a challenge, but now I can tell you they are all worth fighting for”, said the energized Sumayyah as she plans to go back to school with newfound strength.


Personal Trainer Profile

Name: Firman Setiadi

Level: Coach 
Club: Fitness First Premium Grand Indonesia

-Fitness Instructor for 3 years
-Personal Trainer for 2 years 

-Core Building 
-Fitness Test Training
-Freestyle Movement
-Muay Thai for Fitness
-Muscle Toning
-Strength and Conditioning
-Weight Loss

-Bachelor Degree in Sport Science
-Fitness First Asia PT Foundation Programme
-SOS International CPR Course
-TRX Suspension Training Certification - Fitness Anywhere International
-Pad Master Course Level 1 - World Muay Thai Council


-Muay Thai
-PR Foundation
-Undergraduate Sport Science UPI Workshop