Fight Breast Cancer with Fitness Lifestyle
Fitness First & Celebrity Fitness host Go Pink Month Charity Event

According to DataGlobal Cancer Observatory from World Health Organization (WHO), breast canceris the most common form of cancer in women in Indonesia where 1 in 8 women isdiagnosed with the disease.

In raising thisawareness, Indonesia’s two powerhouse fitness brands Celebrity Fitness andFitness First hostedGo Pink Monthcharityevent on Wednesday, 30 October 2019 in Plaza Semanggi Mall, South Jakarta. Echoing its slogan ‘Moving with a Mission’, the eventcelebrates the mission to fight against breast cancer using fitness andexercise.

 “Our two brands have transformed more than100,000 members’ fitness level and quality of life, and today we want everyoneto experience the same sensation. We are bringing out our group danceexperience to show the positive effect of exercise, and our message is simple:fight cancer by getting fit and feeling upbeat.” Head of Marketing forCelebrity Fitness and Fitness First Indonesia Feni Soemitra said.


Showcasing CelebrityFitness’s and Fitness First’s signature classes,Go Pink Monthheld group dance workouts such asFlavoras well asLove to Dance.Flavordanceclass brings out the best of Latin-inspired dance fusion, andLove to Danceinvolves easy-to-followdance sequence that follows song parts by parts. 

Feni added, “Dancingcan be just as effective as the best medicine out there. For starters, dancingbuilds up our body defense system, from strengthening our heart and lungs, toenhancing our core muscles, agility, endurance, coordination, flexibility andbalance, to sharpening our mental focus. It also helps us burn a lot ofcalories, while making us more social, motivated and confident to go further inour fight.”


Besides getting thepublic excited about fitness,Go PinkMonthraised awareness about breast cancer by hosting talk show on the importanceof regular breast scans and early detection. The event also givesrecommendations on how to start an active lifestyle, adopt proper dietmanagement and master grooming skills.                                                                                                  

Pleased with theevent, Feni shared, “Our initiative has given Free Breast Scans to many peopleat the same time empowered them with knowledge about breast cancer. Along theway we also raised funds to show our support for this October’sBreast Cancer Awareness Month. We aredonating all proceeds to a non-profit organization,LovePink,to further their missions in raising more awareness andprovide supportive community where real survivors can share their experience toother women.”