#THATMOMENT 2.0 Instagram Photo Contest

To kick off year 2020, Fitness First launched the second #ThatMoment campaign. #Thatmoment awakens fitness enthusiasts to trust that their commitment in putting fitness first can help them ease through daily activities and do things they never thought possible.

This is why we heat up the campaign by hosting an Instagram photo and video contest. In the end, we saw inspiring, powerful pictures of the moments in which all of you were fighting different challenges to achieve your targeted body shape. We saw you defeating your fear, fulfilling a previously impossible activities in your life, and for some of you, participating in a sport competition. We saw your hard works pay off, big time.

What is clear, is that all of you, whether in a big leap or small improvements, have gone further in your physical fitness and confidence level, and we know you will go further in other life pursuits.

Congratulations again to the lucky winners who were selected each week during the contest, they were awarded with IDR 250,000 shopping voucher. A big congratulation to the Grand Prize winner, who will be awarded the Bali Marathon Package end of March

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