Yoga Fair Goes Online To Inspire Healthy Living during Ramadan

In continuing the tradition of hosting annual yoga fair celebration, while meeting social distancing measures from the local government, Indonesia’s fitness pioneers Celebrity Fitness and Fitness First today team up to launch online yoga fair. The 2-day fair, taking place in the fasting month of Ramadan, brings out the theme of “Mindfulness, Movement, Charity” to celebrate self-discovery of the bountiful, beautiful, and blissful nature of oneself. 

“Yoga is a perfect exercise for the holy month of Ramadan because it practices a balanced dose of mental restraints and fitness exploration. By visiting our online yoga fair, which is the first-ever of its kind in Indonesia, the public will get to experience glimpses of our yoga adventure at the comfort of their homes. We are confident this will energize not only individuals who are going through fasting period but also those who are looking for a fulfilling workout that can be done at home.” said Feni Soemitra, Head of Marketing Celebrity Fitness and Fitness First Indonesia. 

Online visitors will get a tour of different yoga themes from the two brands. Through Celebrity Fitness and Fitness First Indonesia official YouTube channel, they can get access to the 2-day yoga fair and enjoy 12 exciting yoga classes. Some of the classes include Gentle Yoga, Dynamic Flow, Hatha Yoga, Advanced Flow, and Detox Yoga. 


Led by both Celebrity Fitness and Fitness First Certified Yoga Instructors, the online yoga adventure takes the best of yoga experience from various Celebrity Fitness’s and Fitness First’s yoga classes and tailors them into a lineup of low-tempo yoga workout that focuses on moderate stretching, gentle core work and breathing drills. The goal is to offer an exercise that can enhance focus, attention, memory, physical endurance, and improve the body’s immune system in slow progression.

Feni shared, “Exercising at the right intensity is really important for an optimal workout session, especially in the case of those who are fasting right now. Energy levels are already low and it is easy to get exhausted. We want everybody to get just the right amount of workout to feel rejuvenated but not too much that they overtire.” 

Aside from serving up inspiring physical and mental refreshment, the online yoga fair also holds fundraising activities to celebrate the act of giving during the Ramadan month. The charity session, which also includes T-shirt sales, will send all raised proceeds to Reach Out Foundation, where they will be used to support those in need through the foundation’s “Basic Needs Distribution” initiative.