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Penanggung Jawab

Head of Facilities

Deskripsi Pekerjaan

  1. Bertanggung jawab atas semua hal yang berkaitan dengan perawatan dan perbaikan beberapa klub yang ada di area kerja

  2. Memimpin Teknisi dan Teknisi Senior berkaitan dengan tanggung jawabnya masing-masing untuk memastikan pelayanan kepada member-member mengenai fasilitas yang ada di klub berjalan dengan baik

  3. Mengerjakan program PPM secara efektif dan terencana sesuai jadwal

  4. Responsif terhadap laporan dari klub mengenai perbaikan fasilitas di klub untuk segera dilakukan perbaikan sehingga dapat memperpanjang penggunaan fasilitas yang ada di klub untuk member-member

  5. Kemampuan bekerja secara independen dan tim
  • Tanggung Jawab
    1. To report weekly to the Head of Facilities Management on the status of club facilities management, PPM, Job Requests and minor refurbishments of all facilities & equipment

    2. To execute the Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) System including scheduling the works, refining Task Sheets, etc.

    3. Contactable in case of emergencies, develop tactical solutions, and then delegate to the Technicians as necessary to ensure steadfast response to such urgent requests

    4. To work with the Head of Facilities Management or the Managing Director to identify best practices to increase longevity of facilities and to reduce cost / time to maintain or operate

    5. To recruit, manage, train and develop the Technicians who shall have the day-to-day responsibilities to perform the PPM works and Job Requests on time and in accordance with the company’s procedures

    6. To audit the club facilities and equipment and to ensure that the PPM and Job Request Systems are being properly utilized to ensure first class facilities are provided to the members

    7. Liaison with Landlords and local Authorities

    8. Practice all company policies, standard operating procedures and philosophies and provide constructive feedback for continuous improvement in areas of energy consumption, cost savings & reduction, identify best practices, etc.

    9. To oversee all minor refurbishment works (planning, pre-construction, construction and post construction), coordinating with designers and contractors to ensure timely completion in accordance with country standards

    10. Any other duties as and when assigned by the Management from time to time

    11. Responsible for the execution, administration  and sustainability of Planon system – the plan of record facilities management software for Fitness First

    12. Travelling within the allocated area is required
  • Kualifikasi
    1. About 4 - 5 years or more experience with proven success in facilities/contract/property management. Those who has experiences in hospitality industry will be an added advantage

    2. Bachelor Degree or higher in an engineering field (Mechanical, Electrical, Process or CSA)

    3. Must be computer literate

    4. Must be technically sound and posses strong analytical skill set

    5. Must possess good working attitude, strong motivational, interpersonal and communication skills

    6. Willingness to work long hours inclusive of public holidays and night work

    7. Complete all management and training courses offered by the Company

    8. Must be a self-starter and hold strong organisational and management skills

    9. Must be solution orientated - a problem solver, innovator and mentor

    10. Must have a high level of drive and desire to be a winner and achieve all set goals

    11. Must have a high level of professionalism, honesty, and integrity and an excellent work ethic

    12. Have the ability to follow up and help implement all systems and procedures installed by the Company


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