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Fitness First Member since February 2012

I love sports and I have been working out since I was young (teens 😊). I had always been in fit condition - I had a very active life both at work as well as my hobby with sports and solo traveling. I enjoy scuba diving, marathon, hiking, sky diving, as well the weight training.

However - late 2016 I was diagnosed with cervical cancer stage 4B with less than 15% chance to stay alive (according to statistics). During that challenging moment – I didn’t give up to the situation, no matter how odd it was. To me – challenges are blessings that help realize the masterpiece in me. I kept telling myself that yes I have the cancer but it doesn’t have me.

So the illness can’t stop me from doing all things I usually enjoy, including the Sports. I refused taking the pain killer no matter how painful the impact of the cancer treatment. To shift my focus from the pain due to chemo drugs – I pushed myself with another pain that has positive impact. It was sports! I took the treatment in China – every day I walked and jogged to Baiyun Mountain that located behind the hospital from 1 hour to become 3 hours jogged every day. If weather is bad – I climbed the exit stair at the hospital. 

Haryati Lawidjaja (Fey)'s achievement

In Jakarta – I went to Fitness First Oakwood every day; joined the RPM & Body Pump classes and do weight training with Personal trainer. The pain was there – but the pain from pushing my limit on sports, helped me shift the focus from the destructive pain to become positive pain. Found out – that during the workout, our body release endorphin that acts like morphine.


The workout during that chemo therapy helped me to feel alive! As I knew – no matter how painful it is, am still the master of my life! Miracle does happened! I was clear from cancer in June 2017. I continue enjoying my life, my hobby, with purpose. I was given a second life! I kept working out, training at Fitness First. March 2018 - I managed to finish full marathon - a trail marathon 42.2KM at Himalaya. It was one of the things in my checklist that I wanna do while am still breathing.

meet the trainer

“From Monday until the next Monday, she never stop exercising 3 times per week.”


I helped to maintain her muscles. Because she’s always active in cardio workout. So my role is to help her not to lose her form.

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