01 Oct 2018

JAKARTA, MONDAY 1 OCTOBER 2018 - Ever had an epiphany while doing something physical – something you could never manage to do quite so easily some time ago? Perhaps while carrying heavy bags of groceries from the supermarket to your car, climbing that flight of stairs without feeling out of breath, or not feeling as tired as you used to the day after an afternoon of carrying a cranky toddler around the mall? That’s when you know that your exercise regime is working – that what you’re doing in the gym has paid off.

Industry-leading fitness leader Fitness First today launched its latest campaign, #ThatMoment. The core of the campaign, which will run throughout six countries in Asia namely Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, and Thailand, celebrates the relationship between members’ efforts in the gym, and how it translates into performing everyday tasks better. It hopes to inspire people to get fitness into their lives, and achieve more than they ever thought possible, with fitness as the enabler.

“More often than not, we are time poor, we lack motivation, or find the gym intimidating. But when we do take the first step towards fitness, the rewards will follow and we start to realise how far we’ve come.. #ThatMoment depicts the breakthrough or ‘a-ha!’ moment a person experiences when they realise that their workouts have paid off because they’re now able to do something with so much more ease than before,” said David Prosser, Country Manager of Fitness First Indonesia

“#ThatMoment taps into the emotional benefits of exercise. Fitness is not just about training at the gym and achieving your target be it lifting more or running further – that’s only part of the story. We believe that feeling fit gives you the confidence, energy, and self-belief to go further in life. So when you commit to putting fitness first, it really is about enabling you to perform well in everyday situations, not just for yourself, but also for those around you,” he continued.

Over the years, Fitness First has successfully established itself as a leading health club brand in the region, renowned for its personal and progressive approach to fitness. At the heart of the brand is the promise of supporting members to ‘Go Further,’ which is what guides the Fitness First team every day. For members, it means that everything the brand does helps them to build confidence, become better, and feel good doing it – no matter what their fitness level.

“The Fitness First Signature classes such as Freestyle Group Training™, Flow Yoga™, Pro Cycling™, Hardcore™, Love To Dance™, BOOM™, AquaFit™, Running Club™ are built around the concept of dynamic movement training, which helps your body move with purpose, and aims to deliver maximum results in minimum time. These classes are progressive, meaning that it caters for people who are at different points of their fitness journey. Or, for those who feel they need a little more individual attention, there’s also the option of training with our certified Personal Trainers. And when along the way, a 4kg kettlebell feels too light and you’re ready to progress to a heavier weight; when you’re able to carry all your groceries from the car into the house in one trip; when you hike up a hill to watch the sunrise, it’s #ThatMoment you know your workouts are paying off,” Prosser concluded.